Fat Rooster Farm
Costoluto Genovese tomatoes — an heirloom variety — are among the multitude of vegetables grown at Fat Rooster Farm. (Geoff Hansen photograph)

Community Supported Agriculture

Fat Rooster Farm's unique type of CSA allows the local community the opportunity to support our organic practices that build up the soil, reduce runoff, create habitat for wildlife, and treat livestock humanely. Best of all, the products are fresher, taste better than food that's picked before it's ripe, and hasn't been shipped long distances to reach your table. Fat Rooster offers varieties of vegetables grown for flavor and nutrition, rather than for uniform size, shape, color and shelf-life. Members are connected to the farm through open invitations to visit, an open house in July, and a Harvest Fest in October.

Here's how our CSA works: Each share member makes an investment early in the season by purchasing shares. They are redeemable for any and all products the farm has to offer throughout the season. Anytime you purchase a product from the farm, it will be deducted from your initial investment. AND, there is a built in savings. The balance is good toward the purchase of any and all products on the farm. A list of what's available is emailed out weekly to see what there is to choose from. Any balance remaining from the shares rolls over to the next year.

Investing in the farm now not only saves you money, but it helps us with the costs of seed, fertilizer and other purchases when money is tight. It allows the share members involved with the farm the ability to give us the necessary financial stability at a time when not a lot is being produced.

What might I get for my shares?

Again, anything, in any quantity you wish to purchase that the farm has to offer. Here's a partial list:
• Eggs
• Pork, chicken, beef, lamb, Thanksgiving turkey (reserve early), guinea hen
• Started vegetable seedlings, including over 25 varieties of heirloom tomatoes
• Several other varieties of produce, from arugula to bok choi, to daikon, to beans!
• Maple syrup, jams, jellies, and other value-added products
• Other miscellaneous treats, from fiddleheads, to wild leeks

How do I purchase the shares?

You can purchase shares worth $500 for $460 (before May 1st; $475 after May 1st ), or a share worth $250 for $235 (before May 1st; $240 after May 1st), or any combination of the above. Every purchase you make during the season will be deducted from your initial investment. Again, there is a built in discount if you purchase shares now, rather than wait to buy at the stand.

Where do I get my share?

You can pick up anything the farm has for sale at Fat Roster by appointment, at Norwich Farmer's Market in Norwich, Vermont, every Saturday from May through October, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., or by arrangement.

Workshare Opportunities

If you would like to request a workshare, whereby your labor is bartered for products offered by the farm, please email us a short note — let us know how we can integrate you into the farm, and what skills you can share with us.